Tirschwell & Co., Inc., is an architectural lighting design firm based in New York City with an office in Dubai, UAE. Our mission is to design evocatively lit

spaces that blend with architecture, meet design and financial criteria, and perform for many years into the future. Our diverse and experienced staff thrives

on projects that involve architectural complexity, usage or strict budgets, challenging us to derive unconventional solutions using conventional products.

As technology changes rapidly, we stay committed to research and review of the latest innovations in lighting to ensure they will meet our tight standards

for design integrity and longevity.

Our designs often reflect the firm’s strong belief in sustainability through respect for ever-dwindling natural resources. The true measure of sustainability

is the ability to retain project components and concepts for many years into the future. We accomplish this by first determining how a project will be

maintained: limit the different types of light sources and recognize that current trends may not fulfill future maintenance requirements. Our projects range

from high-end residential properties to office buildings, hotels, retail projects, nightclubs, schools, restaurants, theatres, and exterior lighting.

Tirschwell & Co, Inc., has had the distinct honor to work in all areas of lighting design, public and private spaces, from the opulent to the minimalist. One

of our greatest strengths when working with designers is our ability to translate their distinct vision into a complete working package. Our adept technical

knowledge, aesthetic sensibility, and insightful forethought for long-term maintenance not only minimize financial and resource burdens, but also allow

projects to retain their initial design integrity far beyond day one.

We contribute our vision, passion, knowledge, and skills to create thorough lighting design solutions.


Tirschwell & Co, Inc. offers a complete suite of lighting design services, including, but not limited to:


• Interior and exterior artificial and natural lighting design solutions

• Conceptual and schematic design

• Design development including lighting plans and detailing

• Light level calculations for interior and exterior spaces

• Lighting design layouts and specifications

• Lighting design details

• Lighting control system design

• Control system programming and commissioning

• Professional fine art lighting design and consultation

• Custom light fixture design and execution

• Lighting energy analysis

• Full scale study mockups

•Photoshop and 3D model renderings for design intent