Location: New York City, NY
Architect: BAM Studio

The conference center was designed for the use of the NBC station to provide a single location in New York for its communications. The lobby used a combination of halogen, fluorescent, and EL panels to create a visually stunning first impression when a visitor steps off the elevator. The corridor lighting used 12” segment warm white LED fixtures to address the three dimensional curvature of the ceiling.

This project was an exercise in multiple function, multiple configuration, multiple presentation format design. Three conference/meeting/presentation – with no speaker, one speaker at a podium, or a dais format/ video-conferencing/dining rooms were designed, each to act independently or united with the removal of the sliding doors.

Theatrical halogen projectors with ND filters to balance the video were tightly integrated into the architecture. Dual circuiting fluorescent sources to light in one orientation for video conferencing or uniformly for general illumination were incorporated into the ceiling system. Color washes backlight the projection screens when not in use.


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