Location: New York City, NY
Architect: Constantin Wickenburg

This event space in Tribeca is used for Red Bull sponsored events, as well as outside companies. We designed an extremely flexible system, complete with ample power and positions for different configurations. In between the metalrod panels are two circuit tracks. The first circuit is used for standard PAR 30 accent lights. The second circuit runs low-voltage color-changing MR16 LED lights. This allows for a complete atmospheric change with simple slide dimmers.

For more sophisticated installations, the Power Pipes located every ten feet between the ends of the track drop down where required. Each pipe has three 20amp circuits run off of a theatrical dimming rack, an ethernet port, and two DMX universes for controlling sophisticated moving lights. This allows for all types of lighting to be hung without miles of cables and an outside vendor can quickly connect to the system with their own lighting board. Two drop down video projectors and speakers above the dropped ceiling complete the clean space.


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